Friday, March 18, 2016

A few new things

As spring slowly (and I do mean slowly!) starts to make its appearance here in Germany, there are a few other new things around here. The best is our newest member of the household. I now have five of my six living children here! Olivia is here! She arrived Monday after many long hours on a plane. We could see her through a glass partition while she waited for her luggage. We put our hands to the glass, eager for a true hug. She will be staying with us at the very least through the Spring, and maybe longer if she decides to take some classes.

Our first outing was a hike yesterday. We did not reach our intended destination, but we did have a nice little adventure on the first sunny, warmish day of the year. I put my new camera around my neck, Jack slung his backpack over his shoulders, which was filled with water bottles, and Therese packed her own backpack with drawing supplies so she could sketch some nature scenes (her own idea!). Peter was the reluctant participant right from the start, and was carried by either Olivia or me most of the time. We walked down through the village, towards the playground and train station. There is a little bridge that crosses a little bubbling creek. The kids always want to stop there and play. As I was snapping pictures, I heard Therese cry out and turned to see her backpack floating downstream! Jack grabbed a large branch and caught it, and then Olivia was able reach out and retrieve it. Her notebook was only slightly dampened, still very usable for sketching nature. We then moved on toward the little hut at the top of the mountain. We only made it about halfway before realizing we would need to start heading home in order to arrive at play practice on time.

Here are the pictures from yesterday. I am still shooting all pictures in auto mode. I will get brave and try to branch out soon into the manual setting.

On our way!

The calm side of the stream

The bubbling brook

Jack, age 9.

Oh, no!

A team effort

The hero of the backpack excitement

Do you see the moon in between the trees?

In the shadow, but I still like this one

wet toes and backpack

Mr. Grumpy Pants

I coaxed at least one smile

thoughtful moment

I don't know what these are, but they are bursting forth everywhere I look and I find them so sweet and dainty.

Budding artist

I spy a covered wagon

I think there must have been another building there at one time.

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