Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yarn Along

These are the five little animals I knitted over the last several months in order to raise some money for what I consider to be a very worthy cause.

I think they are adorable, but then again, I made them.

The worthy cause is the Little Flowers Program, which helps abandoned children in China.

From their website:

Every year, thousands of medically fragile children are abandoned. We provide 24-hour intensive nursing care, medical treatment, foster care, long-term care, and education to these children across six projects in China. 


I set up a raffle through Rafflecopter, yet no one has bid on a single animal. I am thinking one of two things. One: I set it up wrong and no one can bid. Or, two: These toys aren't as cute as I think they are. Because it surely cannot be that no one wants to help these sweet children. That cannot be so.

If it is the first scenario, please, please let me know. Send me a email. Tell me in the comments.

100% of the donations go straight to these children. Won't you please help them?

Here is the link to their website so you can read more about what they do.

Here is the link to my post with the raffle.

And here is the link to Ginny's Yarn Along.


  1. Jenny, your animals are darling! But I don't have a baby to give one to, so I didn't bid. I will find a baby if I win! I tried to enter under Catherine the Cat, but it requests your email confirmation number and there is no link to make a donation. I entered my email address, but that's not a donation. I think you might have technical difficulties.

    PS I NEED to knit that bunny. And you need to open a shop!

    1. I guess I didn't make it clear that you must make your donation directly to the Little Flower site. They send an email through PayPal that has your donation details. I wanted people to copy and paste that section of the email in the widget.

    2. Can you remove my name from Catherine the Cat? It was an invalid entry and I just put my donation on the bunny!

  2. Our next donation goes to friends that are trying to adopt 2 brothers from will be aged out March 1, so there is a rush on getting them before that....does that count? The animals are adorable!!