Monday, November 9, 2015


First of all, hello! It has been a while, hasn't it? I have missed writing since this is my way to remember all the good little things in our days and I have been wanting to sit down every day to capture the memories before I forget they happened.

So, what have we been doing? Well the biggest thing is that we moved out of our village into another little village about 5 km away. Why, when we lived in such a beautiful village? Believe me, I made many a list of pros and cons to see if we should really do this. We lived in a duplex and shared a backyard with empty nesters who were happy to have an empty nest and really didn't like having four little birdies loudly chirping in the shared back yard. Buy mainly, after trying for 18 months to make us fit into the house, I finally realized that it wasn't a good fit for our homeschooling life. We heard of a house that could possibly be a better fit for us. As soon as I walked in, I knew it was a great space for us. I just had to convince Tony, since the people who were about to move had everything in boxes and he couldn't picture how it would look with our stuff in it. Every day since we moved in, I thank God hundreds of times for this new place that is a perfect house for us. It is home. I feel a peace in this place that I haven't felt in a long time.

We walk out the front door, turn to the left, and walk to the end of the street and then we step onto the walking trail. It goes through the farmland and fields, meandering here and there, sometimes paved but mostly grass and gravel. We pick a new direction in which to explore each time we venture out. And with the fall weather, every time we go out walking, it is like we are in a whole new world. The leaves were first a brilliant yellow, then they were an orange brown, and now the leaves have almost all fallen and there are the bare branches and silhouettes dotting the trails.

This was on our second trip on the walking trails. I forgot the camera the first time out.

I love the rows, so neat and tidy and orderly. Life, not so orderly.

I could meander out there all day and never grow tired of the view.

I couldn't capture the fallen fence post the way I wanted.

These photos are from my back porch. It was foggy for three days straight. We never saw the sun, nor the mountains that are behind our house. Honestly, I barely saw the rooftops of my neighbors house, it was that foggy. Finally, on the third day, the fog broke and the sun burst forth in beautiful golden hues.

Today, I felt like those mountains shrouded in fog. Lost, but still there. I desire to do better, to be better, and when I try to focus on improving in one aspect, the rest gets lost in the fog of my tiny brain. I seek a balance, to be attentive to my children and their needs, to do the same for my husband, and to grow closer to Our Lord by aligning my will with His. But when I feel like I have made progress in one way, I realize I have neglected something else. Will I ever find a way to make it all come out right? Only God knows.


  1. It's gorgeous, Jenny! So glad you found a place that fits your family better.

  2. What a beautiful place. I wouldn't have thought anything could beat the other place. I hope you become happier every day.