Monday, October 12, 2015

Day Tripping

Yesterday, we made our first trip into France. One of Anna's favorite saints is Joan of Arc. Her birthplace happens to be 2 1/2 hours away. My great grandmother lived and worked in Metz until she saved enough money to come to the US. That happened to be halfway between home and Domremy, Joan's birthplace. So we planned a day excursion to see both places.

The day dawned overcast and cool. We packed accordingly and headed out. Once we left the autobahn (or whatever they call it in France), the drive was so completely breathtakingly beautiful that I could not help saying so out loud every few minutes. At one point, I called out to the kids and asked if they were enjoying the scenery. I turned to see Jack's nose planted firmly against the window. Without turning his head, he gave me a hearty thumb's up.

As we drove through a canopy of trees dressed up in their finest fall foliage, it felt almost magical or sacred. Something not to be disturbed.

I loved Joan's little village. It was so quaint and quiet, with pastures of sheep and cows, just the kind of place I want to eventually settle down in, whenever this army life comes to an end. Metz, on the other hand, made me uneasy. Everything was large, it is a big city. I do not belong in such a place. The cathedral was amazing. I cannot even fathom how they built such a thing so long ago.

Coming out of the cathedral, we walked along the pedestrian area, looking for a place to eat dinner. We found a place that specialized in potato dishes. They opened the doors for you. It was kind of intimidating, walking in there with children, though they did have a kid's menu that consisted of three choices. After finishing off dinner with some chocolate mousse, we headed back to the car, which was parked right at the cathedral. The sun had set and the cathedral was aglow in lights. The green of the roof practically glowed against the golden hue of the building itself.

We all agree that is was a great day.

methinks Tony is a tad taller than most people in the 1400's

Peter picked a flower for me

I said "Act natural"

trying out their souvenirs

in the village of Domremy

Jack passed this note to me as we were driving to Metz

had the kids run up there to give some perspective to the size of those doors

close up of the door

where we ate

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