Thursday, October 1, 2015

Apple Orchard Day

Today was a perfect fall day. Cool temperatures, a beautiful cloudless blue sky, and an orchard full of apples. This was our second visit to this orchard with our little home school group and it was such a pleasant, fun, relaxing day. We strolled among the trees. The kids were running hither and thither. We got to eat apples. I bought some honey. I asked whether it was local. The lady gave me a funny smile and replied, "Well, the bees are out there with the apples." So, yes, I would say it is local honey.

Listening intently to how they grow the apples

Hugging the giant apple

No, we did not pick this many. These are waiting to be pressed into fresh juice.

Watching the apple press in action

Juice, being pressed out of the ground up apples.

Proof that is was indeed a perfect fall day.


The moms

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  1. It's funny that except for two signs you could be in the apple orchard in the town up the road from me. I guess apple orchards are the same world 'round! We haven't gotten out to get any yet this year -- I'm way behind.