Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yarn Along plus a little sewing

The bunny is finished, but in need of a dress. I shall do that, but my mind is all cluttered because my yarn stash is all cluttered. I have lots of yarn that I will most likely never use. It is acrylic yarn gifted to me from various sources. I could let the kids have it, I suppose. I also have lots of leftover bits from projects. Not enough really to make anything, but too much to just throw out. What to do? I really want to make a shawl for myself, but cannot settle on a yarn. Most of what I like, I cannot bring myself to purchase because of the price. By the time you buy enough for a!

She has claimed this bunny as her own. Now each of the little kids has their own hand-knitted animal.

 My unsettledness in the knitting part of my life is encroaching on other parts as well. My routine (which I really like routine) has been disrupted by sick little ones. First, Peter, whose fever reached 105. Then Jack was next, though much less severe. Then Anna this week. As long as the motrin is in her system, she feels great. The moment it is not, the fever returns and she is pathetic once again.

Also, my husband was gone for a week to Normandy. Talk about a disruption to the routine! Am I ever glad he is home! On the Sunday before he returned, we were pondering what to do. With at least one person running a fever, going out was not an option. So Anna and I decided to try our hand at sewing. We found a tutorial on Pinterest on how to turn an old pair of jeans into an apron. She and I worked all morning and she was so proud of her apron. Then Therese wanted one. There was still another leg left of those jeans, so I made one for her too. Then the boys requested aprons too! Another pair of jeans and one old shirt later, and we now have four new aprons!

She did 90% of this herself. She really enjoys sewing, knitting and all different types of needlecrafts.

Anna immediately asked if she could make us cookies. Ummm, yes please! She also enjoys cooking.

They don't want to cook. Peter is pretending to be our waiter to take our order on his notebook.

I know this picture is dark. It was after 10 pm when I took it, yet notice that it is not yet completely dark outside. Currently it is after 8pm when I am typing this post  and the sun has not even set yet. I don't know that I will get used to this.

I am still reading 'The Bird in the Tree'. I know. I am a slow reader. It is what it is.

Joining Ginny on the right day this week!

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  1. That bunny is adorable. And your children, too! I'm sorry they've been under the weather. Hopefully, everyone will be well soon.