Wednesday, December 3, 2014

winter wonderland daybook

outside my window...

We awoke to the first snow of the season. I must admit even I had that magical feeling of wonder and awe as I gazed out the window, flakes still falling in the early morning light. I love the quiet of a snow, how it seems to muffle out all the noise and chaos, and leave a white blanket of calm over all it covers.

I am thinking about...

how I love homeschooling, so that we can take the morning to make a snowman when the snow is the perfect packing kind of snow.

the transformation as each child came drowsily down the stairs and then immediately became a ball of energy upon looking out the window.

the fun of bundling up and heading out to make a snowman. He may have already fallen over, but we enjoyed rolling the snow, laughing, scouring the yard to make his features.

the reality that we still do have to do schoolwork, but for now, I will sip my coffee and pretend that we don't.

I am reading...

"33 Days to Morning Glory" for me.

"Destination: Bethlehem" to the kids. (An Advent tradition)

I am creating...

a bunny for Jack, since he had on his Christmas list "a nitid buney".

a sweater for Therese. I am using Ginny's Sunday Sweater pattern. I love the pattern. I do not like the yarn, but it was free and Therese likes the color, so I will use it.

 a color matching game for Peter. It is a pinwheel quilt square with 8 different colors and 8 clothespins painted with matching colors. I am hoping for a quiet game to keep him occupied while we work at the school table.

in the kitchen...

I thrive on a weekly menu, and I do not have one this week. I feel frustrated every time I open the fridge. Tony's car broke down and somehow that led to no menu.  Don't ask me how those two things are related, they just are.

I am praying for...

Sophie, who had surgery to repair her ACL yesterday.

All those on my list of intentions.

For my mother-in-law, whose health is deteriorating.

some pictures to share...

they were already whispering about what they could possibly do out there.

Doubting whether this is such a good idea.

a work in progress

They named him "Frenchie".

note Frenchie's mustache


He decided: Not a fan of the snow!



  1. Good morning!
    Enjoy your snow!
    And I love homeschooling for that same reason...
    What better way to make wonderful memories. : )

  2. Despite the snow in your winter photos, they bring warmth to the heart. Nothing like spending each season with your beloved. Really cute kids! And that's a unique snowman! Have a happy holidays!