Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for a yarn along.

Still working on a secret knit. Still loving it.

After seeing that Ginny was reading my all-time favorite book last week, I pulled out my copy of my second favorite book to take with me to an appointment. I love re-reading it because I always find something new that speaks to me. This morning it was this:

 "The sad thing was in the knowing that all their nerve would get them nowhere in the world and that they were lost as all people in Brooklyn seem lost when the day is nearly over and even though the sun is still bright, it is thin and doesn't give you warmth when it shines on you."


  1. I love a Tree Grows in Brooklyn! Your secret knitting is beautiful!

  2. Hi, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is my all time favorite novel. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Mary-andering Among the Pages