Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Day in Speyer

Saturday, we drove with some other people from our parish to Speyer. We saw the Cathedral, two protestant churches and a Jewish museum. The kids hung in there for the whole thing. Therese walked the entire day without complaint.

Things I did not get pictures of because I was driving:

a chimneysweep on a bicycle in a black top hat and suit, carrying his ladder.

a tiny little car that looked like the one Miss Clavel drove in the movie 'Madeleine'.

Things I did not get pictures of because I was eating:

The traffic that was inches from the back of my chair at the restaurant where we ate lunch.

Things I did photograph:

We started our day with Mass in this little chapel inside the Cathedral.

Therese recognized this picture as one we have at the house.

window inside the chapel

There was a section dedicated to Edith Stein. I would like to go back without kids one time to be able to take more time. I felt a little rushed and even though we had a pamphlet in English, all the signs are in German.

I wish Tony could have heard  this duo of musicians.

the Cathedral

one of the protestant churches, I think Trinity Church

This one is Lutheran. That would be Luther. The statue, not my son.

Jack loved this tour bus we saw and I loved the name, since Tony's first suggestion when we are naming a new baby is always Guido.

A bad traffic accident on the Autobahn brought traffic to an hour long stand-still. Thankfully, we had some audiobooks with us and the kids did get out and walk around a bit too.

We were just getting in our cars to finally get home when the clouds parted and the sunlight came streaming through.


  1. Wow...I'm sure in person, these real places are AMAZING!!! (because the pictures are!)

  2. Love the pictures and seeing Germany through your talented eyes.