Friday, November 1, 2013

We carve our pumpkins with drills, yes we do!

What do you do when it is three o'clock on Halloween and you start carving your pumpkins only to discover that they might just be fossilized pumpkins? You panic, that's what! The rind of the pumpkins was so hard that I broke a sweat just trying to cut the hole in the top. After the suggestion to paint the pumpkins produced tears, I got in the car to try and find some not so tough pumpkins. And can you believe that there was nary a pumpkin to be had at three o'clock on October 31st? Returning empty-handed, I suggested we wait for Tony to get home. Maybe he could figure out a solution. And let me say that a woman would never come up with this idea. He got out the electric drill. And it worked. He saved the day!

This is what is left of the carving kit. Even my heavy-duty kitchen knife was no match for these pumpkins.

This year the local thrift store provided most of the items for our costumes. I bought some fabric to make a vest and to decorate Therese's hat. The rest we had on hand. Less than $10 for four costumes and I think they came out wonderful!

Abraham Lincoln (in his lawyer days, as I was told by Jack)

The dalmatian who did not like his hat

The panda bear. I had knitted the hat last year. Also notice that she used her nose to break her fall a couple of days prior to this picture. Not recommended by Therese as the best way.

Han Solo, with a water gun painted black authentic blaster.

Ummm...did I mention she cracks me up? A lot?

Sophie came home for the weekend! Hooray!

Han Solo again

"Could we just go get the candy already?" Actually, he has been running a fever off and on for a week. It's back on today with a vengeance. Poor little guy.

The blaster holders I added to make it look like the real deal.

We made quite a haul of goodies. Now to keep Tony and the kids from eating it all today will be the trick!

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  1. Caught up with your blog today after some weeks of travel. Want to commend you on those fine pumpkins, that adorable and fascinating knitted bunny (that would most def be my toy of choice), and let you know I prayed for your dad. Life is such a mix of a million different things--all stacked on top of one another, connected by the relationships that make them meaningful. You are blessed with all that love.