Monday, November 18, 2013

Playing Hookie

I mean, really, who could concentrate on school on a day like this...

My favorite tree in our yard. It has the prettiest colors every fall.

Look at the brilliance of the sky!


looking up through my tree

helping Peter even though he can do it himself

On your mark, get set...

Go! Wheee!

Peter looking a little nervous

They have such fun together

What did I tell you?

My boys

Peter being done with the photo shoot


  1. I love this. I can't remember when I last enjoyed being outside and taking in all the beauty of our changing seasons. Love your backyard.

  2. Anna and Jack did a pretty good job on those last two photos! And where was sweet Therese? My boys did the same thing yesterday - roamed outside after lunch and I didn't have the heart to call them in. School can be done whenever - isn't that part of the reason we homeschool?!

    1. Sweet Therese was taking a much needed nap!

      And that is one of the best perks of homeschooling, taking advantage of a lovely day!