Wednesday, September 25, 2013


You know the wise words "If you don't have anything nice to say...". Well, yes, that would be why I haven't written anything lately. I am going through a bit of a rough patch and can't seem to find the answers. So. Silence.

But Jack asked me to post a picture of his latest Lego creation on here.

That's a vacuum cleaner. Just so you don't think he got the inspiration from seeing his mom do this on a regular basis, I will admit that I wish it was me, that little Lego lady. I can't seem to keep the house clean these days.

See this guy in his lounge chair? This is not me. I run a million directions all day, and at the end of the day, I cannot see any real accomplishments.
 Doesn't this look like the idyllic homeschool afternoon? Yeah. That lasted all about 5 minutes. Then the mosquitoes decided to join the party. Then we had to pack it all up and head back indoors. Boo.

See here? He looks like he wants to get up and do something important, but cannot. Maybe because his arms don't bend and he has no stomach muscles left because he cannot fit exercising into his day either.

This laundry thing is about to drown me this week. I start to fold the clothes and then someone needs something, or someone has to pee, or someone is bleeding.

There sits my knitting. I am all keyed up and knitting calms my nerves. But look at all the things that need doing. The dust is only half busted (someone needed to pee).

Yep. More laundry not folded. Some of that was folded but got unfolded by a cute little guy.

 And then I walk into the kitchen. Ack. Let's just walk back out, shall we?

But we shall end on a positive note. These were the centerpieces from the wedding of my cousin this past weekend. The boxes are from my great-aunt's store. I love antiques and I really love them when they are a part of my family's history.


  1. I always think, when things get all overwhelming like this, that you just have to step back, take a few days off, and regroup. Do something fun with the kids. Get a little cleaning in. Figure out how to breathe again. Plan your menu and get your ducks in a row. Then you'll be ready to jump back in. A week is usually good. ;-)

    We've been feeling, not overwhelmed, but worn out. Short winter days and long, lazy evenings are starting to look very appealing. Anyway, because we needed a break from our repetitive lives, we went to the zoo yesterday. Friday, we're going thrifting. Next week, who knows?! Maybe swimming in the neighbors' indoor pool? I don't know, but we need more FUN in our lives. (I'm not complaining; just explaining!)

    Anyway, I hereby give you permission to take a week off and relax with your kids and remember why it is you love these people and this lifestyle. (Because you needed permission, right? :-) )

    1. Not permission, just the reminder :)

      I am so glad you went to the zoo. And I love going thrifting. It is like a treasure hunt to me.

      Now go have some more fun!

  2. Today I was on the phone with a local theater, ordering tickets for my family, while in the background my 4-year-old was screaming "NO! NO! Nooooooo!!!" I'm sure the lady was thinking, "Great..."

    That said...

    I second Jennie's C. idea! I give you permission to take a week off, too, and heck, I'll even meet you at the bar! (Or at the coffee shop if it's before 5. ; )

    1. Five minutes after I published the post, Peter fell and there was lots of blood! And screaming. And I was on the phone. Thankfully it was my mom.

      You are invited to come over and share a bottle of wine any time! That would be lovely!

  3. Mi casa et su casa....! What is it with the laundry? And the 37 cups that are ALWAYS dirty on my counter even though there are only SIX PEOPLE IN THIS HOUSE! And no one ever claims them. Hope Peter I okay - and definitely have that glass of wine! Wish I was closer to enjoy it with you.

    1. I don't know why it makes it easier to bear knowing someone else has the same frustrations, but it does! Peter has had quite a day. As if the falling on the hearth wasn't enough, he had to go and break his last glass bottle on the marble floor at bedtime. He stepped on some glass before I could stop him. The cuts are small, but still more blood! And yes, I did have a glass of wine! I wish we were closer too!

  4. Buy some plastic throw-away cups and use paper plates for a week. My dishwasher broke yesterday -- for the 5,000th time (it's a Kitchen Aid -- don't ever buy one!) and I am already so tired of washing dishes. I know that's just spoiled talking, but it's just Faith and I here all day, how did we create so many dishes?

    I fold laundry right out of the dryer. I know it's hard when the kids are little, but it's so much easier when the clothes are warm. I just don't take them out of the dryer if I don't have time to fold. Which reminds me -- there are clothes in the dryer that need to go on wrinkle release for a few minutes! I hang most of the clothes -- especially the ones that are going to hang anyway.

    1. I have yet to meet someone who likes doing dishes. That's why we teach our kids how to do them, right? Don't buy Samsung either. I don't have the dishwasher, but our other appliances are not holding up well at all.

      I used to fold them out of the dryer but Peter puts a damper on that. Unfortunately the laundry room is the only place to put the cat litter box. I tried moving it to a closet but the cat thought it wasn't her box and that is not a good thing at all :( I don't want Peter anywhere near the box, so folding on the couch is what I've got! I like your system though, so maybe it's time to rethink mine!

  5. Ahhh Jenny, truly you are an amazing mom! Who cares about all the chores not getting done when you are raising such fine and amzing kids! Missing you guys

  6. You are awfully tough on yourself. You are the rare and wonderful lady who knits her children's clothing, while also feeding them wholesome foods from scratch, while also homeschooling them, while also growing your own food, while also being a wife and friend. Pat yourself on the back for being amazing.