Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Days and Birthdays

In a span of three and a half weeks, we have celebrated three birthdays! Peter turned one, Anna is nine, and Therese is now three years old! Can I just say "whew"? We have eaten a lot of cake!

Anna knew for quite some time the things she would like for her birthday. A bigger bike (she needed one), her ears pierced (she is my girly girl), and a Rubik's cube (she is also fond of puzzles). Her grandmother gave her some money to pick out a new leotard for gymnastics. I looked at her the other day as she breezed past me and I saw that she is growing without my permission. I keep thinking of her as my little girl. She is now older than Ben ever got to be and maybe that is why I try not to notice that she is nine.

Let's just say that I will never have a lucrative career as a cake decorater.

It didn't really matter how they looked, they tasted delicious and they held the candles nicely.

My Anna Rose is growing up.

It's not pink! That was a major requisite for her new bike. She is tolerating the streamers.

Oh, my feisty three year old! All she wanted for her birthday was candy. And we all knew it. She reminded us frequently. She got other things too, I promise. Keeping with the sugar theme, the other thing she requested was a blue butterfly cake. Luckily, one of my friends had a cake pan shaped like a butterfly. I let her add the blue sprinkles to her heart's content. Three is funny, feisty, bossy, affectionate, opinionated, laughing, tantrum-throwing, "I do it myself", singing, and exhausting!

Dancing with her new guitar. As music majors, both Tony and I approve of this one. It actually plays real chords recorded by an actual guitar.

"Pleeease can I put the sprinkles on now?"

And then there is just life going on, making for full days and one tired, happy mama.

She found these beauties at a yard sale for 50 cents. They are on the wrong feet and they are 2 sizes too big.

This is the face he makes a lot!

I prefer this sweet face.

Peter loves his toothbrush. Jack is trying to be Abraham Lincoln.

The view from our porch Sunday night.

I wish I had a tripod. I could not hold the camera still.

Fresh salsa from tomatoes I bought locally. Mine were a complete failure this year.


  1. A.dor.a.ble. Loved this post!!! What a bunch of cute people live in your house. Poignant about Anna and Ben--made my heart squeeze. Oh life. So much mystery. Glad to hear about your tomatoes. Mine failed too, and it made me feel better that I wasn't alone.

  2. Don't knock your cupcakes! My mouth watered just looking at them! Of course, I'm on Day 8 of a 30-day "no sugar" program. But still - YUM! And my tomatoes were a weird mix this year - TONS of grape and romas, but virtually no "regular" tomatoes. Bizarre. I think it was all the rain.

  3. The cake came out awesome! I love Peter's face. He melt's my heart. And of course, everyone needs a Jack, ESPECIALLY a Jack who dresses like Abe Lincoln. LOL

  4. Joe got that same guitar for his birthday! Both the boys love dancing to it!