Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Bloom in February

I have a reputation as a killer of houseplants. Ask my neighbor who once (and only once) asked me to water hers. Ask my mother who regularly rescues mine from the brink each time she visits. I can grow a garden that yields a harvest, yet bring a plant indoors and it doesn't stand a chance.

There is one exception. A peace lily. A gift from a dear friend who, though the miles and years have separated us, has never felt any less a friend of the heart. On the occasion of Ben's birth, she brought me this plant. I can remember her on the front porch, handing me this plant, and thinking to myself that this plant was not long for this world once it was under my care. But I was wrong. It has traveled with us through many a move. Every now and then, it even blooms. It hasn't for the longest time though.

On Friday, we will celebrate Ben's birthday. He would have officially been a teenager. I try and imagine him that old but I can't. He will forever be my little Ben. I miss him all the time, yet I find the tears flow freer near his birthday. I have been sad and moody for days and just wishing to have him smile at me again. And then this morning, I happened to look at that peace lily and would you know it, it was blooming! Three white flowers to cheer my heart. I choose to believe that he sent me some flowers for his birthday.

See all those brown leaves? I noticed while I was taking this picture and gave the plant some much needed pruning this morning.


  1. We think about Ben often here. Praying for you as his birthday nears, and... Happy birthday, little guy!

  2. What a precious sign, from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Ben lives because of the gift of eternal life. Many hugs to you, sweet mama. No matter how sweet the promises of God, we miss our boys relentlessly, and will till we see them again. Hope this wonderful gift helps you hang on with perseverance. Much love.

  3. ! Tear jerker. I truly believe he did send you those flowers for his birthday.

  4. As someone who can speak openly about your lack of a "green thumb" (my poor plants), it is definitely Ben that is showing you he loves you, he is okay, and he is with you always. Sometimes it is things like that which make me think of my dad, knowing in his own way he is talking to me. I believe the same is true for Ben.