Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Savoring the Moment

Yesterday was spent preparing meals to freeze to make it a little easier over the next few weeks. I collapsed into bed last night exhausted but at peace. But sleep proved fitful at best. I got out of bed in the early light of the morning. It was just light enough to find my way downstairs to my Magnificat and the morning readings. Not too long after that, I heard heavy footsteps overhead and knew my husband was getting ready to go to work. He came down and we went through the mail and what the day might hold before sending him off with a kiss. I got the laundry started and puttered about the house organizing a little bit. I went back upstairs and laid down to do a little reading while the house was still quiet. One by one, the little ones wandered in and snuggled around me. By then, it had started raining outside. I opened the back door to let the sounds and smells of a gentle morning rain drift in and around us as we started our day.

The rest of the morning has been less than ideal, but I think I will cling to the good part and carry that with me today.

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  1. Hope you are feeling well. Any signs of baby?