Saturday, August 11, 2012

On this day...

...we have been remembering the good times and memories of our sweet Ben. He died five years ago today.

Tony wanted us all to go on a bike ride to the 7-11, since Ben and Tony would ride to the shopette on post and get themselves a "bracer", as they called it. Most everyone else would call it a slurpee. It was a tradition for the two of them. However, the weather did not cooperate. It has been pouring rain all day.

We had a Mass said for Ben today. We took up the gifts. The wonderful lady who "runs" things gave Therese a tiny wooden cross to carry so she didn't feel left out. She walked so solemnly up to the altar and handed the priest the little cross.  I do believe she melted a few hearts, including mine.

After Mass, Tony suggested going out to eat at a wing joint to honor Ben and his favorite restaurant. Our little folk choir would all go out for dinner together quite often. Ben would order and consume ten barbeque wings most Saturday nights after Mass.  Ben would not allow anyone to clean him up until all ten of those wings had been eaten. The sauce was usually past his wrists and from ear to ear. Tonight, Tony did not wipe his face or hands until he had eaten ten wings. It was quite comical and made us all laugh.

I will admit to also shedding a few tears today. I miss him so dearly. It makes me sad to think that Therese and the new baby will never have known their brother. They will only know the stories. But we will never stop telling his stories.


  1. Honoring precious Ben with you today in spirit. One day closer to heaven and reunion. Five years...lots of tears. Hope prevails.

  2. I am sorry for your loss of your beloved son. what happy memories you have, and one day you will all reunite. what a glorious day it will be. God bless you.

  3. What a lovely tribute to him today. As a mother of many boys, those things would make mine so happy also! Thinking of you and praying for you all.

  4. Your youngest 2 will know Ben in a different way, they will feel his presence every time they pray and every time they go to Mass or Adoration. You are all in my prayers, crying a few tears for you also....

  5. Hugs and prayers. I thought of you often on Saturday. Thank you for sharing these moments.