Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yarn Along- knitting for baby

 I need to find some buttons and the sweater for the new baby will be done! 
I made a 6-12 months size according to the pattern, but I used smaller needles since they made my swatch closer to the called for gauge.

The color of the yarn is called copper. The first picture is more accurate in that respect, though I wanted to get a close-up of the cables and the i-cord bind off. The bind off made an especially nice finished edge.

I am still reading Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. So far, I really am enjoying it.

Today I got some very good news, which I needed after the bad news of yesterday. An ultrasound revealed that the placenta has moved far enough away from the cervix that I no longer need to worry about a c-section! Praise God!

The bad news? We discovered a chronic leak in the wall of our house that has rotted the wood almost completely away. The repair will be costly.

The insulting news? Somehow, the doctors failed to notice that I was now 41, not 40. Apparently, that makes a big difference in my care from now until I deliver the baby. I will now be going in twice weekly for non-stress tests. My chart even got a new color code. Bright red. It just screams, "Watch out! Old pregnant lady!" Sheesh!

Go visit Ginny, our host. You'll be glad you did.


  1. Great news about the placenta!! Yay for prayers answered! I had that same red sticker on my chart with my last pregnancy and I was only 39.

  2. Wonderful!!! That is amazing news. Rotting walls or no. And old pipe decided to burst on my May 8 birthday leaving a gaping hole in our entryway. Happy Birthday to me, right? It's all closed up now and it motivated me to do some painting. So, it's all good. Hopefully your insurance will help with the costly repair. But, who cares? C-section...Woo hoo!