Monday, June 25, 2012

The Lake

 This morning as I sip my coffee to the whir of the washing machine that will be running all day, I am recalling the past week at the lake with my family. It was mostly good, with a touch of not so good, which really is what I am thinking about today. How life, and the routines of it, can change in an instant.

 This was no glamorous Better Homes and Gardens showcase home, which is why I felt at home the moment I walked in the door. It was cozy and we could relax. I didn't think I could relax with my children being so close to the water, but I was wrong. Every morning I snuck up the wooden stairs to the tiny little kitchen tucked away in a corner and started the coffee. Then, I just sat and admired the beauty before me. The calm of the water, the call of the animals to one another, the green that was everywhere. 

 The days were long and lazy. There was no routine other than doing just what we felt like. We fished from the dock, we tootled around in the paddleboat, we skied and tubed behind my dad's boat, (well I watched everyone else).

 We called my 100 year old grandmother one morning to see if she wanted to join us for the day, since it is only 30 minutes from her house. She sounded confused. Her speech wasn't quite right. My mother went to check on her and took her to the doctor. They think she suffered a small stroke. I think they are right. She will require much more help now, and she has been quite independent for the last century. It will be a big change for all of us.

 This brings back memories. My dad teaching me to cast a line into the water. He patiently worked with all the grandkids, baiting and rebaiting their lines and trying to stay clear of the wild casts into the lake.

 Those hands stayed busy.

 Jack's little feet cooling off. The kids loved swimming by the dock, but I stuck to sticking my feet in and snapping photographs.


 The precarious path from the dock to the shore.

 One should always twirl an umbrella. It just makes one happy.

 They were still far out and I zoomed in. I have no idea what was capturing their attention.

 I think this captures the mood of the week. 

 Who doesn't love a campfire and s'mores?

 We took many walks along the narrow little roads of the neighborhood. There were updated homes and run down homes and everything in between.

 The cousins being cousins.

 One of my favorite finds on our walks. It sums up perfectly the laid back feeling.

 More scenery from the walk.

After our dinner each night, we would gather around the table and play games and talk and laugh. The dinners were simple, no need to stay long in the kitchen, and clean up was minimal with paper plates. Food tastes better when it is shared with those you love. 

Good-bye lake, we had a good vacation!


  1. I wondered where you had "been" all week! So lovely - what a nice time before the baby comes!

  2. Great camera shots. What a memory for your family. I especially loved those feet dangling in the water.