Monday, April 4, 2011

This and that

I believe that the best times are often the simplest.

The kids love to see how they are growing. So we are marking their growth on the doorframe of the attic door. In the past 9 months, Jack and Anna grew about 2 inches each.

It only takes a few moments, but it makes their day. Those smiles are priceless. Can anyone explain the thrill of a cardboard box to me? The chair we ordered arrived Friday and the legs were protected by this piece of cardboard. The 3 of them sat contendly make-believing for hours. No one told me that one of the boxes of Samoas was earmarked for my college kid. We ate them all. I found a recipe for a homemade version. I think they look beautiful. They think they taste good.
Him too, even though I really shouldn't let him.

Too much dairy.

In case you can't figure this out, it is a shepherd.I am proud of Jack, for he was looking at a picture and did this on his own.
In the 90 minutes I had all to myself thanks to Tony taking the kids on an errand with him, I made this:
It is a tag blanket. Therese loves the tags more than the toys.I'm glad I saw these on Etsy. It was a fun little project.
I purchased all the materials, including google eyes for a puppet in need of repair for less than $4.
I think she likes it!
I also was able to make 2 hooded towels to go with the knitted washcloths.

No big plans this weekend made for many sweet memories.

May your day be filled with simple, sweet moments!


  1. Love that blanket -- isn't it funny how all babies seem to look for the tag on their blankies and toys!? She sure is a little dolly!

    I made a recipe for Samoa bars a while back that was really yummy. Too yummy -- I think I ate half the pan!

  2. Homemade Samoas! Wow! They look waaay better than the factory ones.

    And that blanket! and those washcloths! If you weren't such a busy momma, you would make a great Etsy shop owner!