Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Blessing

How can it be possible that this sweet little baby is 5 months old today?
She is such a laid back baby. She goes with the flow.
She laughs at the antics of her siblings and at her mama dancing just for her.

She is content to watch and wonder at the world around her.

See that open mouth? Everything must be examined by placing it in said mouth.

Therese is such a blessing. I marvel at her tiny, perfect hands. I can't stop kissing those chubby cheeks. They just beg to be smooched. Her gaze melts my heart. Every time.

She pretends to be shy when people smile or talk to her. She will smile back and then bury her head in my shoulder.

In the mornings, I know she is awake because I can see her hands and feet waving from the crib. She greets the day so peacefully.

Five months. It seems like time is flying by. It seems like she has always been with us.


  1. So nice to catch up with you again after travelling. Therese is so precious, with all that wonder and effort on her face. I love your simple/complex/rich/full/overflowing mother's life. You are a blessed woman.

  2. So, so SWEET!! What a precious little gift!

  3. Such a gift, yes, a blessing! Sweet, sweet.

  4. Oh.MY.Gosh! WHAT A DOLL!! Those eyes! She is so adorable. Oh, and the hair! We are SO jealous of that over here. Our kids get hair, hopefully, by 18 months. =) What a cutie! Thanks for brightening my day..nothing like adorable little kids to make me smile.