Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Because she asked...

and because our 19th anniversary is a few weeks away, I am taking a stroll down memory lane.

By she, I mean the lovely Hallie.

When I was a little girl, I remember seeing a picture of my parents, hand in hand, with glowing smiles, exiting the Church on their wedding day. It was in my grandmother's house. I fell in love with the dress then. When we pulled it out of storage while planning my wedding, I knew as I soon as I put it on that it was the dress. I love the brocade lace overlay. The pretty flowers that are so simple, yet they make the dress. That is me. Simple. Not fancy or elegant.

Boy! When you are gazing into each other's eyes for the first time as husband and wife, you have no idea what a crazy journey you are about to begin. The good and the not so good. But mostly, it has been good.

When we got married, all my grandparents were still living. One of my favorite memories of that whole weekend was the morning of the wedding. We were trying to get everyone to the Church on time. We rushed my grandfather out the door. He arrived without his glasses or his teeth! He looked like one of the heckler's from the muppet show. It was so endearing to me though, that he grinned in the photos even though he was toothless. (He's the one on the left.)


  1. Congrats on 19 years. Wonderful achievement. You are so beautiful. I love the dress and the look on your face. So darling.
    I read the rest of your posts and I love the needle case, and am also sorry for the time at the hospital. Life is sure more than we ever imagine it will be. Hope all is well now. Sending love and prayers.

  2. This is *so* sweet. And I love your dress. It's always a treat to see shorter dresses. I LOVE them! Thank you so much! :)