Thursday, March 25, 2010

What to do when you are emotionally overwhelmed (or not)

What do I do when I am an emotional wreck, not being able to keep up with my daily activities? Why, I try to make homemade tortillas, of course! I found several recipes on You should check it out. Thanks to Jack's dairy intolerance, I had to pull from several different recipes to put together one I wanted to try. The dough was easy enough and kneaded up quite nicely. Then all the recipes said the same thing: make golf ball size balls of dough. Not being an avid golfer, I am not sure that these are accurately sized. (Though I did manage to win the first place trophy in my age group when my dad signed me up for golf lessons. Did I mention I was the only one in my age group?)

After letting them rest for a while, I fired up the griddle and started making tortillas! After a short break to write a blog post, I will go put together the bean mixture for our burritos, which only takes about 20 minutes.

Oh, by the way, I did sample one and they are yummy. I don't know how well they will keep, seeing as there are no preservatives. That is why I was prompted to try this whole experiment in the first place. I am tired of looking at the ingredients in our foods and seeing a long list. I don't even know what half of those things are!

Lastly, this little adventure did lift my spirits. We are trying to gather all of Ben's medical records, as well as Anna's, for the neurologist and it is emotionally draining. Hopefully, it will help him give Anna the best care possible.


  1. There's no dairy in tortillas. Is he allergic to wheat, too? Anyway, they are fun and easy to make. We just freeze any leftovers and they're good as new next time we want them. :-)

  2. You and my organic-foods-only-daughter are kindred spirits. I would love to be an eater in your household. And I do agree, cooking can be great therapy for anxiety. Still praying for you and your precious girl.