Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...there were birds chirping! Could it be? Could there be an end to this long winter in sight? They were so cheery, those birds, I could almost imagine sunshine and warm weather.

I am thinking...about this new little baby. Constantly. I ended up buying a fetal heart monitor. I will admit that I am scared of another miscarriage. I know that God's design is perfect and I will accept whatever he chooses for me. In the meantime, hearing a little heartbeat brings me a sigh and a smile.

I am thankful for...a new idea and the determination to carry it out.

From the learning rooms...hoping that offering a reward at the beginning of the week to be received on Friday only if all work for the week is complete may be the ticket.

From the kitchen...a new sink! When we moved in, the sink was the shallowest one I have ever seen. It was only 6 inches deep. Water always went everywhere. Tony and his lovely assistant, Sophie, installed a new sink and faucet, saving us the $300 installation fee. It is beautiful, but even better, it holds water!

I am wearing...pajamas and slippers. I am enjoying my morning.

I am creating...seat cushions for the kitchen chairs. They are slightly too low and a cushion should do the trick. The prototype is pretty good, but I didn't make a way to remove the fabric so I could wash them. I think I'll make the underside like a pillow sham opening.

Also, starting to knit some wool diaper covers in a tiny size.

I am going...to be getting ready for a visit from my parents! I am so excited.

I am reading...Introduction to the Devout Life. It is slow going, not because I am not enjoying it, but because there is so much to absorb.

I am hoping...to get my to-do list done today.

I am hearing...a whining little boy who was awakened too early. Will I get him to take a nap? I hope so.

Around the house...I believe I have 8 bags out of the 40 bags goal. Do you think I can count the sink and bathroom countertop that I will be giving to Habitat for Humanity as one bag each?

One of my favorite things...picking out seeds for the garden. I want to try some new things this year. Tomatillos, for one. I have discovered how delicious salsa verde is and want to make my own.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Enjoying my parents visit and going to Colonial Williamsburg for the homeschool days.

Here are pictures I am sharing...the before and after sink pictures. Thank you Tony!

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  1. Enjoy your infrequent pajama day--and I love the new sink! Glad your parents are coming to see you all--should be a great time.

  2. Thank you for sharing about your day. I will be praying for you and your new little baby. God bless you and yours.

  3. I don't blame you for purchasing a fetal monitor--I should have loved to have one throughout the last pregnancy!

    Hate to say it but the worry never really goes away. Our mothers' hearts are tender and fearful, having lost these little ones as we have. All the more reason to trust in Him...and to say the words "Jesus, I trust in You" when we don't "feel" it.

    Love your new sink!

  4. Hurray for a new deeper sink! It looks great! We had a similar stainless steel one when we lived next door and I hated how shallow it was.
    Isn't it great to have a husband who can do tasks around the house like that? Saves SO much money!