Wednesday, November 18, 2009

knitting from the heart

I started knitting shortly after we lost Ben. It has been a sort of therapy for me. I am not a great knitter, (I look up how to do things frequently), but that does not matter. It is calming to my mind and soul. There are always some needles and yarn in my purse, for when my husband is driving or I have to wait in an office. One of the first things I knitted was a wool diaper cover for my cloth diapers. I figured it did not have to look perfect to do its job! There have been hats, dishcloths, toys, and currently I am attempting a sweater for Anna. This will have to sit in my knitting bag for a few days though, because today I felt that God wanted me to make a tiny blanket for a friend who lost the baby she was carrying. It is a small gesture that I hope will let her know I am grieving with her.

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