Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Budding Poet

Anna bounded up to me, obviously with something big to share. Did I want to hear a poem? I was not aware she knew any poetry. No, these are not well-known verses, these are Anna's own musings:

Rainbow, rainbow, after the rain
Rainbow, rainbow, rain.

A Winter Poem

Snowman in the sun
You will melt like ice cream in the sun.

A Summer Poem

Summer, summer, sun is up
Summer, summer, wear some summer clothes

Cold, cold, cold
Not summer anymore
Wear a warm long-sleeve shirt
Or you will get shivering cold.

Summer, summer, don't wear long sleeves
Wear some short sleeves.

Did you pick up on the theme? She is unhappy that summer is a long way off and she must wear warmer clothing. This all comes from living in southern Georgia for the past 7 years, where there are not distinct seasons. One can wear short sleeves year round. Sorry Anna, we are not in Georgia anymore.

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