Thursday, May 10, 2018

A day in the life

The snooze alarm has already been pressed once, so I roll out of bed and ask the Lord to help me through this new day. As I wait for the coffee to brew, I unload the dishes from last night. Pouring a generous splash of half and half into my cup, I head outside, wrapped in an afghan, to read my morning prayers.

This day starts like most. This morning, I am thinking about words I read every day in the Canticle of Zechariah.

"Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel; he has come to his people and set them free."

I am always baffled at these words. With all the ugly in the world, how can these words possibly ring true? And then, I hear a little voice saying "you can be free if you rest in Me and my way." And that way is love. Choosing to love amid the ugly. Choosing to remain calm in the midst of the chaos.

That choosing part is the challenging thing. It is so easy to snap back at the frustrated child. To choose a calm, quiet act of love instead is His way. How many times have I chosen the wrong thing? Too many, my friend, too many. But I am trying again and again and again!

And that was not the only thing I heard that little voice tell me this morning. I have been having this recurring dream where I am in the car and all of a sudden I realize no one is driving and I am supposed to be the one driving. Frantically I scramble over the seat, trying to reach the pedals and steering wheel in time to avoid an awful collision. This is usually when I awake in a panic. As I lay there in the pre-dawn hours, wide awake now, I hear that little voice say to me quite clearly, "You are focused on things that are not the most important. Focus on the road." What road?! And then I know, the road to you, my Lord. I am putting my focus on the things that ultimately don't matter. Bringing my family and myself to the Lord is the most important. That should be my main focus. And it comes back to that first little voice I heard, "rest in Me and my way".

Love. It is that simple. Smile. Enjoy the breeze, the sun, the people God has given you.

Bird watching is my new morning hobby.

This is Lulu begging me to let her join me in the bird watching outside. Sorry Lulu.

The last book of our book club. I listen while in the pick-up line at school and after those kids are tucked in for the night.

My lovely rosary that accompanies me in the car.

A thank-you for teaching CCD this year. Therese is really wanting to plant them right now. So we will.

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