Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fall Fleeing Fast

The days have been flying by, barely allowing me to appreciate them at all! In one sense, that is a good thing, because it makes this year's separation from Tony go faster. I can't believe we are almost at the halfway mark. On the other hand, after the kids are finally in bed and I can breathe a sigh of exhaustion, I wonder how many times I really, truly looked at them that day.

The kids and I have been looking out the windows of the van all through October and into November at the brilliant fall foliage surrounding us. The mountains almost looked ablaze for a while there with all the reds and oranges of the trees. Then, almost overnight, after one of those windy, rainy kind of nights, the colors were gone. Fall was gone. The dreariness of a long winter stared back at us.
Same trees, one week later

As the idea of a long, cold winter sunk in, I happened to notice this pair of deer frequenting our backyard in the mornings. The baby still had its white spots, which I thought odd at this time of year. On one of our visits to Bays Mountain, I asked one of the park rangers about the baby. She figured the mama had a miscarriage and got pregnant again late in the season. She then informed me that most of those babies don't survive the winter. Already feeling sad about this news, the next morning Anna noticed the baby's leg was injured. I called Bays Mountain again, worried sick. They said the best course of action was to let the baby stay with the mother unless it could no longer walk or the mother abandoned it. Then almost 2 weeks went by where I did not see either of them. I feared the worst. So imagine my joy this morning when I looked out my window to see them both! The leg is still injured, but looks no worse. The baby looks stronger and healthy!

I took this the morning we noticed the leg injury.


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