Tuesday, September 19, 2017

On Finding Peace

There is an unnamed time between summer and fall. It comes and goes as swiftly as the hummingbirds at my feeder, and is just as wonderful to behold. Mornings have a chill to them, fog delicately shrouds the mountain and river, while sun glows a brilliant orange through the still silhouetted trees. The trees are taking off their lovely green summer frocks and blanketing the ground with discarded, decaying leaves, foretelling the approach of fall in full force.
Nature does not fight the changing seasons, unlike me. All the changes in our daily living have left me unsure of my place. During the terribly darkest doubt, I felt I had abandoned all the very things that define my existence. This morning, I stayed for morning circle. There, I witnessed my children participating in a farewell song to one our priests, and peace finally settled upon my heart. I know that God has led my family to this place. This school, this parish are our faith community to lean upon and contribute to for the next year and we are blessed indeed.
I wish I could bottle this moment of peace and place it on a shelf, to uncork and breathe in whenever doubt starts creeping back in, as I know it will. Adoration is one place where that peace is restored for me. Another is in nature. This morning was an answer to a prayer that has long been on my lips. 

First day of school at my alma mater. Anna is still at home with me.

One of the best parts of being in Kingsport is having my parents so nearby.
My parents have a boat on the lake. Taking advantage of one of the last  sunny, summer days.

Spending time in nature is such a balm for my soul. God's amazing handiwork abounds.

Capturing a hummingbird in flight is pretty nigh impossible.

Another change for us, a kitten! Lulu is a sweet little cat.

Celebrating Grams' 106th birthday.

And Therese's 7th.

Some things stay the same even among all the changes...coffee and knitting.


  1. So lovely. So glad you are in such a great place of peace and rest. You've earned it, US Military Wife-haha! But truthfully it's just a gift from God.

  2. Great post! Great pictures! No, I'm not crying. There's a hippo in my eye.

  3. So grateful to have you back writing your reflections. We have and continue to miss the 'old' days of Friday night movie night (and everything else) and all that that has meant and continues to mean to each of us. You are so right about moving forward. We must do it but we are always able to bring the best of the past with us too. Love you.