Sunday, January 29, 2017

Black and White

I have always been drawn to black and white photography. In the days of actual film cameras, I would regularly buy a roll of black and white film.

Maybe it is my love for old things, antiques, a gentler time, a slower pace of life.

In the Woody Allen film, "Midnight in Paris", this theme of longing for the old days, thinking them better than the current situation, is explored. I really enjoy this movie and have watched it many times.

In fact, as I am sitting here, writing these words, I have classic Bluegrass music playing in the background. The beautiful, haunting harmonies and the amazing picking of banjo strings call to me.

Black and white seems to eliminate all the extra noise and really brings the simple moments into focus. Those simple moments are where I find the greatest joy in my days.

To me, the images harken back to an era where hard work was something to embrace. One labored for the things he had and did not feel entitled to that which he did not earn. Not to be indebted to another was a virtue.

A good old-fashioned work ethic is what I want to instill in my children. Saving for a rainy day.

Helping others when we see them in need. The small kindnesses that make the biggest marks on those around us. Living the way we want to treated. These are the important things, really.

Sometimes I forget that in the hustle and bustle and the really trying moments. But I will remind myself and try again.

For these people are those that are closest to my heart. I owe them my best each day.

They are learning from me in my good moments, and, I am sad to say, in the not good ones too.

May God grant me the graces to be more for my family and the strength and courage to endure through the hard times.

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