Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Walking in the Cold

It was Sunday afternoon and everyone, including me, needed some fresh air. No one said they did, but it was obvious to me. It was so cold! Maybe 28 degrees, definitely below freezing, and despite being bundled up, I was quite chilled the entire walk. We took the same path as last time, only now we had all seven of us. We did not walk as a group. People ran ahead, lagged behind, went exploring, and so forth, so that we each had our own experience. Me, I took pictures and listened. I love eavesdropping on the conversations between siblings while they are playing in earnest, unaware of the world outside their own imaginings.

This is the season where I struggle to remain upbeat. Partly the weather, partly missing Ben during yet another holiday. I see him in Peter's smile sometimes, that same impish grin.

There has been frost on the shady places for days now. It does not melt with the sun's rays.

This zest for life, I need to take lessons from him.

He also knows how to enjoy every second of his life that does not involve schoolwork.

Just hanging out while waiting for those people in the background to catch up.


  1. This has been a difficult Advent for me thus far, as well. While I desire to remember the birth of the Infant God, I have no desire to celebrate. Such upheaval this year, and even that which was not a hardship, has, in some ways, been a hardship for me. The end of life as we knew it. It sounds dramatic, but the end of a routine we've had for 14 years, the end of homeschooling, the beginning of being grown up in high school, the beginning of harder work for me. Nothing's the same. I need a Peter! I love the photo of him running with the sky!

    1. Oh, Barbara! You have been on my heart recently, and for good reason. As much as these kids wear me out every single day, I dread that time when they are no longer underfoot. My mother always tells me that it was the best time in her life. Everyone needs a Peter to help keep them humble and to remember that the little things really are the best!