Monday, November 14, 2016

This and That

It has been an entire month since I sat down to write something here on the blog. I have been writing, just not here. Each morning, I have been journaling alongside the children. The timer is set and we each put down our thoughts until the timer tells us to stop. One of the children looks forward to this part of our day like a dog looks forward to going on a walk. Another of my children looks on it with as much disdain as a dog realizing he is about to get a bath.

In this month, we have schooled, gotten through Halloween and an All Saint's Party, Tony went on a short trip to the states, I went on a short getaway to Lake Constance, and it now is no longer October.

The November mornings are cold, dawning mostly without the sun, but lightening to a gray white sky, dotted by frosty roofs and swirling smoke from the chimneys. This morning, I noticed a rim of pink on the distant hills. Maybe, just maybe we will be graced with a glimpse of the sun today.

My conscience is telling me that I must go wake the children and start our day, so I leave you with a few unedited pictures....

St. John Paul II

St. Therese

The horizon this morning

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