Sunday, August 7, 2016

where we visit a castle

Today we did some cleaning up in the morning in preparation for a houseguest arriving tomorrow. Then, we packed up and headed out to the city of Cochem to enjoy a festival at the castle.

It was a good thing that we invited Olivia's friend Aaron along and that he accepted our invitation. My GPS decided to conk out about halfway there. He let us use his phone to navigate us the rest of the way. Note for next time...I am printing out written directions, just in case.

We spent our first hour in Cochem cruising around looking for a parking place. We ended up very, very far from the castle. But it was a beautiful walk, and one of the prettiest days weather wise in a long time. I chose to purchase some ice cream for our walk up to the castle. Wise choice, if I do say so myself.

After paying the entrance fee, we wandered and meandered and observed and tried our hand at things. It was a good, good day.

view of the castle from where we parked


getting close

inside the castle

I wish I knew how to draw on a photo because at the bottom of that vineyard is our little van. That is how far we walked.

making giant bubbles

even bigger bubbles

They each got three shots at a wooden target shaped like a boar.

He really got into shooting the crossbow.

These guys were quite entertaining in their dueling. There were also musical acts and jugglers.

We took a tour inside the castle too.

From the bridge on our way to the car.

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