Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Yarn Along and other things

With all the recent travelling we did, one would think I had a lot of time on the trains and planes to knit. One would be wrong. Travelling without a husband with four kids means you are on call all the time. I think I knit something like 5 rows of a sock in two weeks. Oh, well. I made a baby gift once I got home and finished that up a couple of days ago. That left me with that partially knitted sock ( I don't know when I will finish that. It could be an UFO for quite some time). I bought some yarn on sale over six months ago with the idea that I would like to knit myself a cardigan for the fall that would be soft and warm and be my go-to sweater on chilly evenings. It had to look good paired with jeans, too. After much searching for the right pattern, I think I have found it. I cast on yesterday and so far, I think I made the right choice.

Baby gift

Newest project on the needles, my cardigan.

As for reading, well...I have tried several read alouds with the kids that have not captured our attention. For myself, I have been reading David McCullough's "The Wright Brothers" at approximately one page a night, which is as far as I get before falling asleep! Not because it is boring, on the contrary, I really like it, but because I am so tired when I finally get everyone in bed. It does not get dark here until well after 10:00pm, and their little bodies just can't seem to fall asleep if it is still bright daylight outside.

In other news, we all caught something while travelling. Anna was ill on the trip, but since returning, Tony and I have succumbed to a  horrid cold with a hacking, annoying cough. The kids seemed to get a milder version, except for Therese. She has developed a rash that looks way too much like Chicken Pox. She has not been vaccinated for that yet, so it is a very real possibility. We are currently awaiting the results from the lab.

Tonight, Tony had a gig and was not home for dinner. I have been so bored with our usual cuisine that I sat down for a while on Foodgawker to see if I could find something new. Tony hates rosemary, calling it sticks and twigs, and promptly poo-poos any dish that mentions the stuff. I love it, though, so our dinner tonight was deliciously new and amazing and had tons of rosemary in it! Here are the links to the chicken dish and the potato salad. I changed up the potato salad a bit. We did hard boiled eggs instead of soft. We added feta instead of blue cheese, only because it is what I had on hand. Anna has made a lovely dessert that we will enjoy in a bit, after our dinner has digested a bit.

The baby gift. Isn't she adorable? I will have a hard time giving her away.

That is about all for now. Go check out Ginny's blog for more knitting and reading or just go soak up the sweetness of her new baby!


  1. I bought that same sweater pattern, but have yet to pick out a yarn. It is waiting for a finish of about 4 other projects. I hope it is an enjoyable knit for you!

  2. That little monkey is adorable! Your so talented. I haven't knitted in years but I'm always tempted, especially by that cardigan. I should just do it. I have a few knitting friends in town that could bail me out in case I get stuck. We have been sick here too for going in 3 weeks. Different cases of strep and other things I go into in the blog. Sooo crazy. Have a great week! Oh, I sewed blackout curtains for the kids. Need to sew another set for the other room but it's sooo dark and they can sleep and take naps too.