Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunday in Santa Margherita Ligure

I was reasonably sure that there would be a Mass at 10:00 am down in the town, so we drove down the mountain and found a parking garage. Parking on the street was darn near impossible with a minivan. Then we walked to the church without much trouble thanks to being able to see the spires. The church was gorgeous inside and out, so it was quite a shock when the Mass began with a guitar and folk singers. Plus, a long sermon in any language is still a long sermon.

After Mass, we wandered down to the waterfront. Tony went back to the car for something, and the kids and I browsed restaurant menus, which were posted outside every eatery. Pricy, and most did not look kid-friendly. I took lots of pictures. We wound our way to the train station to plan out the rest of our week's trips. Then we went back to the house and got ready to go on a hike mentioned in Rick Steve's book. It said we could walk to Portofino, the next town over and it mentioned some fun sights to find. Well, we had trouble just finding the trail. We went on what we thought was the trail, though it was very wild and overgrown. We had just about decided we were lost when we came to a cross path that looked much better maintained and was full of hikers. We continued on the actual path, but took one more wrong turn. I am so glad we did, for I took one of favorite pictures on that wrong turn and the kids found one of the best climbing trees ever. Anna also found a lemon from one of the many lemon trees we saw. I don't know why that lemon was so amazing to the kids, but it was.

We never did make it all the way to Portofino, but it was very clear by the group meltdown that we should start heading back to town to find food. Dinner was unimpressive food in an impressive atmosphere.

San Giacomo

inside San Giacomo

after Mass, enjoying the view

not that his voice needs amplification, but he does this frequently nontheless

San Giacomo

Santa Margherita Ligure

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little did we know just how many steps we would be climbing and descending

"While we wait for Dad, let's take a group shot. It'll be cute." My uncooperative crew!

Peter still being uncooperative

Jack and I loved all the tiny cars.

The view from the house. Lunch before the big hike.

Oh, that water!

This bike has an amazing story, I just know it.

That climbing tree I mentioned
silliness with Dad

These were on the window outside an abandoned chapel. Inside, everything was covered in dust, but looked ready for Mass.

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