Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Yarn Along

Hi there!

The kids have finished school for the day, and I have a little time before I have to make supper, and I am ignoring the fact that there is a load of laundry beeping at me so that I can write a quick knitting post!

I think the bunny looks quite dapper in his new sweater.

I ordered this book last week. This is as close to a spiritual director as I can currently get. I made it through the first chapter yesterday morning before little people were up and about. I think it is going to be very, very good.

Holiness might be for everyone, but holes in the shawl may not be for me. I cannot decide if I like this or not.

Don Camillo's little world is quite hilarious and a great light-hearted read. I love his conversations with Christ when he is trying to decide what he should do.

Joining Ginny, as usual.


  1. That bunny is amazing! and I think the shawl is looking good with the holes, though I know what you mean I'm not huge on that look either, but I think it works well :) jenny xx

  2. The bunny is lovely a real delight and I love the holes in the shawl makes it look like lace and quite fancy.

  3. Two votes for the holes! I was going to say that most shawls have a bit of a lacy pattern to them (holes!) that looks lovely. You must have seen something in the finished garment to inspire you to try it, so I suggest going with it. I bet you love it after it's blocked!