Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Yarn Along and A Lot of Furniture Moving

I keep thinking of Barbara and her explosion of purple a couple of weeks ago. Currently, I have multiple projects on and partially on the needles. On one set of needles is a very pretty purple shawl I am knitting for a friend. On another set of needles is a purple baby sweater. On some of my double points was a first attempt at sock knitting. Somehow, one needle escaped the knitting and landed on the floor. Many other stitches also freed themselves from the needles. I suspect they had some help from little fingers, though I can prove nothing.

 Anyway, both of the projects that have stayed on the needles are very purple. Both of them are very soft too. One is Shine by Knitpicks and I have used it before for baby knitting and I love the softness and drape. The other is also from Knitpicks. It is called Diadem and it comes in a hank rather than a skein. I looked up on youtube how to hand wind a center pull ball of yarn and it worked quite nicely!

I am reading "Walking With God" for a new book club I decided to join. If you remember, the last time I tried to do a book club, I finished the book two months too late! We shall see if I can do better this time around.

I don't want to give too much of a preview to the recipient of this sweater.

 No matter how I tried, I just couldn't capture the true hue of the yarn.

This is a bit closer, but still not it.

In my last post, I talked about how the setup of the classroom was not working for us. Well, Tony surprised me Saturday morning by pulling out the tape measure and saying "Let's see if this will work." It did. And we moved a lot of furniture, but I believe we are really going to like it.

from the doorway. We have walls to hang our maps and other things on! This was the boys' room.

I bought a bunch of magazine holders to help keep all those books from falling off in a big pile when the kids pull their books from the shelf. My little shadow who follows me around seems happy about the new arrangement.

My workspace is much better now too.

upstairs in the loft. Three beds and a desk on this side.

I put the dressers back to back in the middle of the room to create a divider. The 'lovely' couches came with the house. If I find something better, I will ask the landlords to please remove them. For now, they stay.

The toy corner stayed as is. Messy.

Anna's bed is in a separate little nook. She likes it that way. She is not a very orderly kind of person. I am trying to learn to live with it.

Joining Ginny as always.

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  1. The new set up looks lovely! Can't wait to hear how it works in practicality.