Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yarn Along

Today is a crisp fall day, with a gentle breeze and blue skies and lots of white wispy clouds. A beautiful day. A perfect day to wear a shawl. And it is upstairs blocking! Oh, it will look so lovely among all these leaves turning such vibrant colors. I can't wait for Sophie to receive it. Probably in a week or so.

I will tell you it was the most difficult knit I have attempted so far. The celtic knot cablework is 36 rows of anxious knitting, believe me. I did not want to have to make any repairs in that section, so I was extremely cautious, often recounting stitches several times before moving on. At the same time, though, watching those intertwining patterns emerge was so amazing. I mean, writing a pattern for that is simply mind boggling!

Reading has been more honestly listening. We travelled two weekends in a row and listened to several stories. After finishing Richard Peck's "A Long Way from Chicago" and "A Year Down Yonder", I found another of his stories at the library. "Here Lies the Librarian" was also a good tale, but whether it was the narrator or not, it wasn't quite as good as the others. I thought she could have given more life to the characters. "The Boxcar Children" series have been some of the kid's favorites. Right now, we are halfway through "Anne of Green Gables". Excepting Therese, who is very opinionated about most things, we all love it.

The pattern for the shawl can be found on Ravelry. Go visit Ginny's blog for more knitting and reading.

This is before blocking.

I am not very good at blocking. I had to use one of the mattresses since all the floors are marble and I don't have blocking mats. I am seeing the need for some though.

blocking on the bed

This last picture is from the ipad. Jack took it for me. I really like how the shawl turned out!


  1. That shawl is gorgeous! I am so impressed!

  2. I agree with Barbara -- it's gorgeous! Love, love, LOVE the yarn colors. So perfect for fall! Good job! :D Good times!

  3. A. MA. ZING! What an incredible piece. I cannot imagine the hours in that one. Looks gorgeous. Congratulations on such a spectacular job of knitting.