Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yarn Along- the Pachyderm edition

Packing her carefully in a tissue-paper bed, straightening her ears one last time, I closed the box and drove to the post office so that she could begin her long journey from Germany to the west coast of the United States to a new little baby. This little elephant was knit with many prayers and lots of love. I heard yesterday that she made the trip safely and is with her new owner.

Once again, the pattern for this little sweetie was very detailed, just like the ones for her little bunny friends that I have made. I had such fun making the elephant.

I have been reading "A Long Way from Chicago" by Richard Peck to the kids. Oh my goodness! How had I not read this before? Grandma Dowdel is one of the most hilarious characters ever!

For my own reading, Amazon Prime sends me monthly free selections for my reader. I have never seen anything that sparked my interest until this month. It was historical fiction. "The Moonlight Palace" by Liz Rosenburg was a quick, good read. I needed something light to read while laying down with the kids, waiting for them to drift off into dreamland.

Now I am back to finishing up "Death Comes for the Archbishop", which I was supposed to have read for a book club by August 15. Oh, well, I see that I am not book club material. Deadlines are no good for this mama!

Now, go check out all the other knitting and reading over at Ginny's!


  1. You are such a talented knitter! I thought your bunnies were lovely but the elephant has stolen my heart!

  2. i made the boy version of this little elephant.....and was somewhat daunted by the number of pages of instructions, but thrilled with the results. Your little girl pachyderm is absolutely adorable....and I know will be much loved. Now, I'm thinking my guy needs a girlfriend!