Thursday, February 20, 2014

Little Helper

One dreary gray morning, Peter toddles over to his mama in his gray robot pajamas. Pulling on her skirt and peering up with his big brown eyes, he says "Egg." So Peter's mama scoops him up and goes into the kitchen to make breakfast. She sits him on the counter while she gets the eggs and a pan. Peter likes to help. He reaches out to grab an egg. His mama gently places the egg in his hand, and holding his hand in hers, shows him how to gently tap, tap, tap the egg on the edge of the counter. He grins and picks up the next egg. Before his mama can help, he firmly smashes the egg into the counter! Oops! It did not do the same thing as before. But it makes Peter laugh and laugh. His mama scrambles the eggs, puts them on a plate, and sets them on the table. Peter uses his fork all by himself, for the first few bites, then growing impatient with those eggs, he picks them up in his little fingers. Much easier!

Peter likes to climb. He is very good at it, most of the time. There is a nice, wide window ledge right behind the chair. It is a perfect place to sit and watch for Daddy to get home from work. But this morning, something went wrong. Instead of sliding back into the chair, Peter tumbles right to the floor! He is so surprised he forgets to cry. His cheek is scraped, but his pride is bruised. He runs to mama and snuggles deep into her arms. Soon all is right again and he smiles as he wiggles out of mama's arms and heads off on his next task. His mama sighs and smiles as the sun finally makes its way from behind the clouds. It is a long time until Peter takes his nap and he has lots to do before then. His mama pours another cup of coffee and thinks how lucky she is to have this lively little boy.

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  1. Precious little story book...Peter is something special!