Saturday, October 5, 2013

Only the Beginning

The wise words from my few readers last week was to step back and regroup. I can be silly and stubborn at times and probably would have continued on in a bad mood. Sometimes God knows how to help us put aside our own pride and follow that good advice. He sent one of my dear friends and 7 of her children to stay with us for a week. We got a week long pass to the Williamsburg historic triangle and had the best time. At least I did. Believe me when I say that I am bone tired, but in such a beautiful way. In having their family stay with us, I was shown how to live out my faith as God intends. Not just when things are good, but in every moment. I somehow had this crazy idea that I was failing my family if they were not perfect all the time. But instead of using those moments for gentle reguiding, I was beginning to yell and be anything but Christ to my family. Not good, I know. Oh, but being with this friend helped me find Jesus in my heart, buried beneath all that sinfulness and pride, and let Him shine forth. I pray that I can keep this in mind when we step back into the schoolroom on Monday.

The kids made fast friends. Her teen aged children were amazing and such fun to be with.

Our first day out found us in Jamestown. There are so many moments to share that each day will get its own post. Hopefully. We know all about those best laid plans, don't we? So let's get started!

Actually, our first day was at the Navy shipyard. I forgot the camera. We toured a destroyer and a submarine. Just make your own mental pictures!

We are on our way to see history, but first....

a little science. There were the strangest caterpillars everywhere we looked.

There were beetles too.

Therese needed a little coaxing from Lucy.

Learning how to make needles from bone.

Peter and his buddy for the week.

"Hmmm. What did they use this for?"

"It's OK. Come on in."

Testing out the canoe.

I can't tell if Jack is trying to paddle or keep the girls out!

If he was trying to keep the girls out, he was not successful.

The ships were Jack's favorite last time we visited. This time he and I missed out because he started having an allergic reaction to something. His lip was swelling and his cheeks were blotchy. We went looking for some benadryl, but never found any. The reaction left as quickly as it appeared and we headed back to the boats just as everyone was ready to move on.

We saw this guy sunning himself. Notice the pine needles in the background. He is not as big as he seems.

I kept finding this green pottery in strange places.

Trying on the armor was a favorite.

Why does he make this face all.the.time?

more cool caterpillars

The beetle was actually eating the caterpillar.


  1. Great memories! We had a wonderful time, too. The kids are determined to find and meet Sophie today! :)

  2. Oh I was so excited to see these pictures today. We know that family too and they are dear friends of ours and we miss them terribly! I know you had a great time with them!