Friday, August 9, 2013

Nature Up Close

Last night found us outdoors at one of Tony's summer concerts. Armed with all-natural bug spray, some water bottles, and folding chairs, we were ready to enjoy some music. The kids have made friends with two little girls whose dad is also in the band. They squealed with delight when they found one another and skipped off happily to play in the open area designated for just that.

Backing up a little, let me state that yesterday had most decidedly not been a good day for Therese. When naptime was announced, she threw herself down on the couch with a wail that quickly turned into a full-fledged cry. She did not execute her exasperated flop well and ended up hitting her eye on the armrest, resulting in a rug-burn type scrape right in the corner of her eye. She was also awakened early by her mother, who foolishly thought that vacuuming the downstairs would be a good idea. Then to her dismay, dinner was not her favorite. So by the time she tripped and fell in the parking lot, skinning her knee, she was a very crabby two year old indeed.

So, if you know anything about crabby toddlers, you will know that I did not get to talk to my friend much. Nope, I was walking back and forth from the play area to our seats trying to assuage said toddler. On my last trek back to the play area, I looked down at my feet just in time to see something slither away. It was a small snake. Well, now, I am not going to lie to you, I do not like snakes. Not at all. They freak me out big time. And here was how desperate I was to cheer up Miss Fussy Pants: I pointed out the snake to her. She stopped crying and followed it. Then I called Jack and Anna over to see it. But Anna did something I was not expecting at all. SHE PICKED IT UP!!!! Oh my word! I remained calm on the outside, but my inner monologue was screaming "Put that thing doooowwwwwwnnnnn!" Then I realized that that little snake probably had friends that might be bigger and more aggressive, so I gently suggested we go see if we could find Daddy, right now. Oh, and then I remembered that I had not 10 minutes earlier sat Peter down to play in that very spot. Cue the panic attack.

I will admit that I will be watching my kids much closer at next week's concert. I will also be praying for rain.

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