Monday, April 8, 2013

San Diego- There and Back

After 6 long hours in the van, trying in vain to get to the airport at the dizzying speed of 15 mph on I-95, we missed our flight. I thought I would be more upset and freaked out, but really, what can you do except get a hotel room and wait til the morning and hope you can get on the next flight?

The kids were clearly inconsolable.

The next day, we made it to San Diego, although on different flights. Tony and Jack arrived just as I picked up the rental van. This is not the rental van.  I just thought it was cool.

Our second view of the Pacific Ocean. This was near the house where my parents and sisters stayed. We had our own little cottage on the Navy Base on Coronado.

Olivia enjoying the beach.

Did I mention we came all this way for my sister's wedding? She was one of the loveliest brides and I am happy to welcome Jon into our family. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the bride and groom thanks to a grumpy baby.

The sweet cousins as flower girls. Mind you, at this point in the wedding ceremony, someone whose name rhymes with pumpkin eater decided to get very fussy and I had to leave. One of my big girls took some pictures for me.

Jack was one of the ring bearers.

This is at the wild animal park that is part of the San Diego Zoo. How different the mountains and plant life are from the east coast!

I couldn't resist getting a picture of this mama and baby.

Tony kept zinging by all the sights. That blur out the window is a vineyard. He went by the orange trees so fast that I was still trying to find the camera.

On the beaches of Coronado.

Just to the right of that cliff is the cottage where we were staying. This is the view from the Hotel Del Coronado.

On Saturday, we went to Mass at the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala. Wow.

These clouds seemed to capture the dreamlike adventure we had this past week.


  1. As always your ability to tell a story with pictures amazes me. It seems like it went well. I am happy you all had a good time, once you consoled the kids about the overnight hotel stay. It really is pretty out there. Some day I will make it to the west coast although I plan on stopping at some of those winery's. :-) Glad you are home safe, another trip under your belt and a new member added to the family.

  2. The girls looked so sweet in thair flower girl dresses!! Jim and I got to go to Coronado a few years ago for Strong Bonds - so lovely. We did NOT stay at the fancy Hotel de Coronado, but it was still lovely. We had no car, so we walked or rode bikes all over. We went to Mass at Sacred Heart, which is right on the island. We were astounded when we were riding around, to stop and see the prices of some of the homes for sale. WOW!! It would sure be a nice Navy assignment, though!

  3. Oh, the girls looked so pretty in those dresses and I can't believe how much your oldest daughters have grown, they are both taller than you!!! So glad you had a good time!! Thanks for sharing those beach's coooooold here in MN.

  4. What a great trip. Love seeing everyone in their finery. And love seeing the Hotel Del. Both my daughters were working there when they met their SEALs. Sweet memory. Welcome home.