Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yarn Along and other things

I just discovered that is nearly impossible to take a picture of yourself modeling a hat.

My slouchy hat did not come out the way I wanted. My old hat fit perfectly. This new one, not so much. I even tried blocking it over a pyrex bowl with no better results. Here is Anna modeling it for me.

I have nothing new to knit and I feel lost. Just wandering aimlessly through the ravelry patterns, hoping to stumble upon just the right thing.

I did pick up a book again that I started a long time ago. It is "One Heart Full of Love" by Mother Teresa. Glad I found it under a stack of books gathering dust on my nightstand.

Did I mention before that Anna and Therese have started taking gymnastics? Anna is loving every minute of it. Therese's class requires me to participate. I was not sure how that would pan out since I have to have Peter in tow. The owner of the gym is an angel sent straight from Heaven. She took Peter that first week and every week since and plays with him and Jack. Jack is her "secretary" and staples lots of things for her.

I needed to fold laundry this morning. Anna asked if they could paint. The laundry is folded. Here is what I have to clean next:

Peter is awake now. So go visit Ginny.


  1. She is just precious!! Even paint covered!

  2. Love the hat!

    It's so nice to paint on other people's kids, and on the chairs and I'm sure on the floor!! (it's usually my mess to clean up!)

    Love your table--wow, how cool--you need to post about your table!

  3. Chloe will buy that hat from you. She loves it.

  4. Your knitting is really incredible. I am impressed to no end. I love the door table too. And the kid standing on top of it is pretty cute too. Lots of good things in that life of yours.

  5. Haha...nice! A little Artiste!