Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe

Several years ago, I first heard the story of Juan Diego and how Our Lady appeared to him. Ever since, I have had a special place in my heart for Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her image is so beautiful, so serene and gentle.

Today, along with two other families, we celebrated her feast day. I found all the ideas for our tea here. We began our morning with a reading of this book. It was so nice to have the kids all gathered together, while I sat in the cozy chair and read the story. I will admit it is very hard to read upside down! How else can the children all see the pictures though?

Then we moved into the kitchen to have our tea. The kids all loved the sombreros. OK, so this might be a stretch, but they were gobbled up and more were made! The ham roses in the tortilla 'tilma' was so cute. I was amazed that most of the kids actually drank tea! Only the littlest ones had apple juice.

 Our 'sombreros'.
Pringles and string cheese.
 The table as I was preparing for our tea.

 Tortilla 'tilmas'.

 'Roses' made from ham slices.
I put a few in each 'tilma' for each kid to find.

 After the tea, we moved onto the craft table, where we made paper roses. I should have realized that we only have a couple pair of scissors and had eight kids. I had originally thought the kids would cut their own petals. We quickly made an assembly line to fold and cut petals for our roses.
 Some roses
 Scattered petals
Working diligently.

It was a lovely day. Happy Feast Day!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I'm sure that Our Lady and St. Juan Diego smiled in amusement!

  2. Very pretty, the food and the flowers. I came upon your blog in the archives of Small Treasures and am finding it very lovely. My friend Alice does a similar thing with the ham roses and tortilla tilma. Looks like a really fun day. I am looking forward to browsing your sweet space...