Friday, December 10, 2010

View From the Sink

After noticing that about half of the blogs I enjoy reading had posts of their sinks today, I decided to jump in now that the kids are settled in for the night. To see what I am talking about, go over here.

So many things drew us to this house. The kitchen was not one of them. You would think that would be important, since that is where I spend the majority of my day. If not for the half wall between the kitchen and the den, it would be a galley kitchen. But from my dish-washing spot, I can see my family and I do appreciate that.

Originally, there was a bar that extended into the den and took up an extra foot of space. We removed that and put in a simple piece of wood to cap off the wall. To me, it really made the space much more visually appealing.

I do like order in my kitchen. The dishwasher is to the left of the sink. All dirty dishes are stacked just above the dishwasher. They are rinsed and loaded and then the hand-washed items are cleaned and put in the right side of the sink to dry. To the right of the sink are the cabinets that hold the dishes, so you can quickly put everything away.

As for pretty things, I work best in an uncluttered area. To me, pretty is clean lines. One of my friends once called my decorating style minimalistic. I'd say that is an accurate assessment. She also taught me the beauty of cleaning up as I cook. I could actually write a separate post of all the things she taught me!

Only a few things are allowed to reside on my kitchen ledge. This poor plant is one of them. I just can't seem to water it the correct amount. Every time my mother visits, she gets my house plants looking wonderful. She hasn't been here in a couple of months and my plants are proof of that! But I do like having that plant there. It was given to us at Ben's funeral and it reminds me not only of him, but also the dear friend that gave it to us. Beside it is one of my favorite pictures of the first three kiddos.

After being in this house for just over a year, my little kitchen has grown on me. It is cozy, yet efficient. It is where I provide for my family their nourishment for their bodies. It is where we gather together for food, and family games, and quiet conversations. It is in the center of the house, just as the heart of a home should be.


  1. I love it so neat and tidy. I also like that you can see your family while doing dishes. You could actually have a conversation while having eye contact while working in the kitchen. I like that.

  2. Oh, you women and your beautiful, tidy sinks!!! I have to to do something about mine. My kitchen is so overcrowded; I think I'm going to have to start a kitchen counter depopulation mission. My kingdom for a dishwasher!

  3. You have a very nice sink space. Being a simple person, I like uncluttered spaces as well. I love your view -- the people you love!

  4. I loved seeing your kitchen sink! It's my favorite kind--one where you can stay connected to people as you work. With little ones, most of your day is spent in the kitchen, so it's nice that you aren't locked away in there. I have had huge kitchens and little kitchens, and I have to say I much prefer the little ones. Fewer steps, easier to cook when all you have to do is pivot between sink and stove, much easier to clean up as well. Looks like you've got a fine place to do all that.