Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Old Familiar Path

I had been hoping that it was just my imagination. **WARNING** Poop description ahead! Therese's diapers have been steadily changing from the normal breastfed yellowish color to green over the last week. Tonight, I found two small spots of blood mingled with the green. Also, her beautiful complexion is gone. She now has red, blotchy cheeks. I am pretty sure she has a milk allergy like her big brother Jack.

Three years ago, I noticed this same set of symptoms develop in Jack. It was the beginning of a long road. I know it will not be an easy road, but God never promised the path would be easy, now did He? Believe me, I know that there are much, much worse things to be facing. In the grand scheme of things, this is small. But it is happening to my sweet baby.

Pray for me, will you? I will be eliminating all dairy from my diet once again for the sake of my child. Oh, how I will miss the cream in my coffee!


  1. Oh, Jenny -- I had to do that with our daughter, too. No dairy for a prolonged period is rough. It was definitely something I had to "offer up" to make bearable. I will say a prayer for you!


  2. I've been wondering if I should alter my diet since my baby has been having some heartburn. His pediatrician said I didn't need to, but I hate seeing him in such gassy pain!

  3. Prayers for your sweet girl. Is she too young to test, or do you just eliminate dairy and not test?

  4. Suzanne- It does make it easier to "offer it up"!

    Maggie- If I notice a particular food seems to irritate the baby, I do try to avoid it since it is so hard to watch them suffer with gas pains.

    Barbara- With Jack, they did try to test, but at so young an age, the testing is not accurate. I will call the doctor and see what they want to do. Thanks for the prayers!

  5. Bummer. Can you use non-dairy creamer, just to give yourself a coffee treat? So sorry for poor little baby!!