Monday, August 2, 2010

pondering all this

"Indeed throughout her earthly life she found her joy in listening to the word of God and living it out in the sanctifying course of her humble daily routine" Lk 8:21. (from the Magnificat, p. 432, describing the front cover artwork for the month.)

As anyone who actually reads this little blog knows, I am not a great writer or thinker. I do, however, have a great desire to be closer to God. I have always felt a special closeness to Mary, our Heavenly Mother, though I do not think I have been able to explain why. The words above are a far better explanation than I could ever give. I wish to be able to live out my love for God in my daily routine. I often fall very short of this goal. I want to be that quiet example for my husband, my children, and those whom I encounter each day.

"Education is much, much more than the subjects you study in a formal way. It is the sum total of your family life. Everything you do as a family affects the children." - Rev. John Hardon

How true and how scary! Anna and I will start our school year today. Each year, I have all these lofty goals for us and our little homeschool. But really, all day, every day, they are learning from me in every response I give, either good or not so good. I am ashamed to think about how many times, in an effort to "get things done", I have spoken to my children in harsh, irritated tones.

Also, how my husband and I communicate between one another is often an example of what not to do. We need to be more mindful of how our actions affect how our children will relate to others. This parenting thing requires so much energy!

"Any system of education which fails to discipline the will also fails to train the character." - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

As the new school year begins, I pray that I may keep my eyes on all these goals, not just completing the work. I want to put more emphasis on training the soul and the will. Not only theirs, but mine especially. Please God, be with us each and every day as we strive to do your will in all things.


  1. What a lovely post, Jenny. Thanks for being so honest and open about yourself and parenthood. I will aspire with you one day.