Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yarn Along

For some reason, it was much easier to justify the purchase of Madelinetosh when it was being used for a gift. I wish I could knit with it for every project, but then again, would I appreciate it nearly so much if I could? Would a special day be special if we were able to live it every day?

I finished reading "The Bird in the Tree". God's timing is perfect, I tell you. If I had read it quickly, the message would have been lost. As it is, I read the words I needed to see right when my soul needed them most.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Morning Walk

As I lay in bed reading last night, a sentence from my book reminded me that there is this lovely field of purple flowers that I wanted to photograph before it is mowed down. I have been oversleeping lately, what with all the feverish children and such. So when the alarm went off this morning, I awoke with a resolve to get myself out of bed and on a walk to that field. First things first though, coffee had to be made. So with coffee in one hand and my camera in the other, I set off in the clean morning air. The church bells were chiming, birds were singing and I actually prayed the rosary. I really like the rosary, I just don't make time daily for it. We tried doing a family rosary in the evenings, but that lasted a few months and then the frustrations toddler distractions drove us to a single decade per night. Then that dwindled to one Our Father, One Hail Mary, and the St. Michael prayer. I am not proud, just honest.

I know I have mentioned before how I love our little village. It is so quaint and pretty. If only my German speaking abilities were better, I would really feel at home here. Isn't it lovely?

The church bells were chiming as I took this one.

This is at the corner of two little streets.

one of my favorite front doors in the village. So welcoming.

all of the following pictures are on my street, on the way back up the hill to our house.

My neighbor's yard

The rosebush that I get to look at out my kitchen window.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yarn Along plus a little sewing

The bunny is finished, but in need of a dress. I shall do that, but my mind is all cluttered because my yarn stash is all cluttered. I have lots of yarn that I will most likely never use. It is acrylic yarn gifted to me from various sources. I could let the kids have it, I suppose. I also have lots of leftover bits from projects. Not enough really to make anything, but too much to just throw out. What to do? I really want to make a shawl for myself, but cannot settle on a yarn. Most of what I like, I cannot bring myself to purchase because of the price. By the time you buy enough for a!

She has claimed this bunny as her own. Now each of the little kids has their own hand-knitted animal.

 My unsettledness in the knitting part of my life is encroaching on other parts as well. My routine (which I really like routine) has been disrupted by sick little ones. First, Peter, whose fever reached 105. Then Jack was next, though much less severe. Then Anna this week. As long as the motrin is in her system, she feels great. The moment it is not, the fever returns and she is pathetic once again.

Also, my husband was gone for a week to Normandy. Talk about a disruption to the routine! Am I ever glad he is home! On the Sunday before he returned, we were pondering what to do. With at least one person running a fever, going out was not an option. So Anna and I decided to try our hand at sewing. We found a tutorial on Pinterest on how to turn an old pair of jeans into an apron. She and I worked all morning and she was so proud of her apron. Then Therese wanted one. There was still another leg left of those jeans, so I made one for her too. Then the boys requested aprons too! Another pair of jeans and one old shirt later, and we now have four new aprons!

She did 90% of this herself. She really enjoys sewing, knitting and all different types of needlecrafts.

Anna immediately asked if she could make us cookies. Ummm, yes please! She also enjoys cooking.

They don't want to cook. Peter is pretending to be our waiter to take our order on his notebook.

I know this picture is dark. It was after 10 pm when I took it, yet notice that it is not yet completely dark outside. Currently it is after 8pm when I am typing this post  and the sun has not even set yet. I don't know that I will get used to this.

I am still reading 'The Bird in the Tree'. I know. I am a slow reader. It is what it is.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yarn Along on a Thursday (again)

A day late, but my husband always tells me money is no object, so I will not worry about the dollar short!

Do you know what is hard? Trusting that the postal service will, in fact, deliver that lovingly knitted object to its owner unharmed. I am still awaiting word on that. And it was my first knit using Madelinetosh, so I am oh so worried that something dreadful is going to befall my little package.

After knitting with such yummy yarn, I needed something equally yummy and fun to knit with, without the price tag. Enter Knitpicks Shine. The stitch definition is amazing and the softness and sheen are equally incredible. I am making.... get ready to be shocked.....another bunny! I can't help it, they are so stinkin' cute. Therese is trying to claim it for herself, but I am waiting to see if that is who this is meant for.

I also cast on twice, in two different yarns for a new shawl. Here is the pattern.One in that crazy blue ball of yarn that is still bigger than my head after knitting a whole sweater with it. The other in a laceweight yarn that I got for free from Knitpicks. The thing is, it calls for dk weight and neither yarn falls into that category.  The blue one seems too scratchy and it is acrylic (or at least I think so), which I doubt will block out very well, but is just right for keeping a chill off. The lace yarn is softer, wool, and pretty, but it is so lightweight that I doubt it will be as large or warm as I was aiming for.

I am about halfway through my current read, "The Bird in the Tree" by Elizabeth Goudge. Bedtime reading for the kids is "The Teacher's Funeral" by Richard Peck. I have such fun reading to them in a southern twang. I think I am pretty good at it, just so you know. Maybe it is all the collard greens I love to eat. I don't know.

I forgot to take a picture of the blue version. And good grief! Look at all that pollen on the keyboard! I have had the door to the outside open all day. No wonder my allergies are on overdrive.

Joining Ginny, as always.